Critical Assignment


Winning the Press Awards held in Chicago for rescuing GSN correspondent Ed Johnson (Terence Reis) while reporting from the battlefront of War Torn Eastern Europe, international journalist Michael Power is brought to Africa to cover the “Water For All” story and the issues surrounding the critical lack of clean water in that country. It’s a story that some will not want him to write. So begins a tale of critical decisions – arms or water. A story of love and loyalty, greed and deception, courage and cowardice. Critical Assignment is about one man’s mission to uncover the truth. A triumph of inner strength over major moral, social and political obstacles. The action plays out against a background of breathtaking African scenery and hypnotic African music including that of Grammy award nominee Angélique Kidjo.


Completed, Action


Jason Xenopoulos


Bob Mahoney


Michael Power
Moshidi Motshegwa
Terence Reis
Thami Nguben